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iBuyWeSell is a new digital marketplace. Through ad space in the mobile, web and social media like Facebook the opportunity to find prospects is maximized. Advertising space is free for both consumers and businesses. iBuyWeSell is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

iBuyWeSell's Mission: is to help enable consumers to earn money from their mobile phones and enhance their mobile value, consumers and business can sell their unwanted or un-used items risk free to their social networks, like ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..) as well as their local community using our location based technology, Around me.

Our Vision: To create a sustainable future through social innovation, social collaboration creating social change.

Mobiles have become an integral part of our daily lives, we forget our keys our wallets but not our phones however, today they are seen as a big cost to us the consumers, everything we do with the phones cost money, you call, you text, you play games you entertain, everything cost money, iBuyWeSell philosophy is to turn your ordinary phone into a tool which help you earn money by de-cluttering things which you no longer need, which may be taking up space in your draws, closet or even garage, don't just dump it sell it on iBuyWeSell for FREE.

iBuyWeSell allows you to simply inform your friends that you are selling certain items for example that old bike, or old iPhone in addition it informs people within your local community with the Around me function to know that you have things for Sale or you're looking to Buy.

With just a few clicks and in less than a minute your items are posted and for sale on the iBuyWeSell portal.

Swedish Office

iBuyWeSell AB
Tel : +46 708473306
email : hello(at)ibuywesell.com

Australian Office

iBuyWeSell AB
Melbourne 3000
Tel : +61 416131788
email : hello(at)ibuywesell.com


Dragan - IT Champion

Since we're an international company we needed someone with strong IT and organisational skills to help us meet our international goals and deadlines. Dragan has been with the business from the very first day...when iBuyWeSell was just a glint in Bob's eye! We have come a long way since then and are grateful to have talented people like Dragan on board.
Dragan grew up in Macedonia - home to one of the world's largest and most renowned poetry festivals, Struga Poetry. Dragan was never fascinated with writing, however, and instead went on and successfully completed his Bachelor's Degree in IT. He's a total geek! But keep it a secret, will you? We're all geeks here.
Over the past 20 years Dragan has been working with software development but in a previous life Dragan worked for a major US construction company ensuring their IT ran smoothly, clean and fast. And it did. But Bob discovered his talent, snatched him up and the rest is history! Dragan spends time with family and friends when he is not reading up on the latest in IT news.


Tanja – Innovation Expert

Tanja studied at the Department of Technical Informatics at the University of Ss. Kliment Ohridski, Bitola, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is here that she learned how technology can simplify life and make it more enjoyable. Early in her career, Tanja became fascinated by the innovative concept of the IKEA stores, so she travelled to Sweden to experience it first-hand. This experience is what fostered her love for creating practical, affordable and fun solutions for the everyday consumer.  As part of the iBuyWeSell brand, Tanja combines that customer-focused principle with her tech-savvy mindset to make our innovative platform fun and enjoyable for all. When she is away from her laptop she spends time at the park taking long walks with her friends, and mostly at art galleries where she rests her eyes and rejuvenates her soul with the fine modern art pieces.


Damian – Chief Programmer

Some people are good with their hands whereas others excel in athletics. Damian is an all-rounder who gets a kick out of mind-spinning computer code puzzles and building functional and user-friendly databases that our clients love to use. He specialises in web development and has been our chief programmer since 2011. Damian delivers optimum results by aiming for quality programming that’s optimised, flexible and secure, providing our users a pleasant and safe online experience.


Maxim Architect & Web Ninja

With over 9 years of experience in the IT industry and expertise in architecture, database design, analysis and software development. Maxim provides value with his unique experience in architecture of distributed systems, performance tuning, strong knowledge of Java/J2EE/PHP, MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle databases. When Maxim is not busy solving our problems and reducing our infrastructure risks, he is busy digging up different types of artefacts one that come out of the ground and are thousands of years old, he is a collector of very old spears and axes.


Bob – Head Honcho

Bob's bio should be first, right? After all he is the boss and our founder. Though he may be the brains behind iBuyWeSell, Bob's not a fan of the spotlight. He loves working in the background, keeping an eye on the big picture and strategizing the company's next move. Bob grew up in Melbourne's Western Suburbs in Australia, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) with honours – so yes, the boss-man is a brain. For nearly two strong decades Bob has been consulting at leading edge international companies in the areas of Telecommunications and IT across the globe from Sweden to China, India to Germany, Austria, Australia and even the US. Yes, he has circled the planet. And more than once! Bob really gets that strategic stuff like: planning, development and management of international business as well as wireless technology, mobile application and network infrastructure. He also provides visionary leadership helping us open new markets and set new standards in the industry. When he's off work he's spending time with his family, taking bike rides with his two adorable children, and training at the gym pumping iron to keep himself looking just as good as when his wife first met him.


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Press Room

A new App platform gives smaller stores a mobile advantage
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Ny app-plattform ger små butiker en mobil fördel
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Happy Birthday iBuyWeSell.com
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Three new apps that enable you to discover, buy and sell valuable Antiques, find, buy or sell Fashion clothes and accessories, Discover, buy, sell or swap Books that matter!
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FurnishMe by iBuyWeSell.com available on the Google Play Store today "An App that helps you sell and buy furniture from people you know and trust." MELBOURNE – October 02, 2013 - Available today, the app FurnishMe is a new addition to the iBuyWeSell app
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Melbourne, Australia, 30 May 2012, World’s first social media classifieds platform celebrates its two-year anniversary.
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Melbourne, Australia, 07 Feb 2012, Create and star in your own Video Ads...and get paid!
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Melbourne, Australia, 19 Dec 2011, iBuyWeSell goes VIRAL without spending $1 on marketing.
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Delhi, India, 25 July 2011, iBuyWeSell a new social classifieds market place is now launched on Indian marketplace.
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Melbourne, Australia, 24 May 2011, iBuyWeSell a new social classifieds market place is now available on Australian marketplace.
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iBuyWeSell a new social classifieds market place is now available on Symbian and download via Nokia's Ovi Store.
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iBuyWeSell, Stockholm, February 25, 2011 - iBuyWeSell, Sweden's new buying and selling service, has teamed up with mobile operator 3. iBuyWeSell's mobile applications are now available to 3's users via 3's app-market.
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iBuyWeSell, Sweden's new buying and selling service, was rewarded yesterday with a Special Winner prize in Samsung's international mobile application contest Global Developer Challenge. The contest, where the best apps on Samsung's Bada platform was chose
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iBuyWeSell mobile has now been expanded with an application for the Apple platform.
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iBuyWeSell launches its, new generation marketplace for individuals and businesses enabling them to trade via applications in mobile phones, online and via Facebook.
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Our Partners


Hoodboard was started in the late summer 2008 by three Stockholm residents that have been working in the web industri for more than ten years. We saw the need for a way to visit a local flea-market, but on the internet. The usual classified ads sites do not offer the possibility to easily walk over and look at and touch the items that you are going to buy. But Hoodboard does. In addition to the above, most of the young persons that live in the cities haven't got a car. If you want to buy a TV or a chair, it makes things simpler if it is available just across the street. Hoodboard also makes life easier for those who want to shop in an environmnetally-friendly way. You find what you want, locally and without contributing to the pollution.

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