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The most common color of hulk's skin is green,but hulk's skin often changes in the history of marvel comics. Different colors of skin represent different personalities of the character. The color change of hulk's skin is also conditional, only when he is excited and his heart beats faster, he will become a green monster named hulk. The hulk also has superhuman strength, speed, energy and endurance, and his ability is closely related to his emotions. Usually the more anger, the stronger.

After a brief understanding of hulk, are you interested in other forms of hulk? You don't have to worry about looking for a different version of the green giant, is able to solve the problem for you, our company as a professional sticker manufacturer, our company has all kinds of the hulk custom stickers, first of all, I introduce you to one of the most famous, the green giant custom stickers 1.6 feet tall, black hair, green skin and white teeth, three simple color contrast makes the image of the green giant more outstanding. Our company's custom stickers all have their own characteristics; what's more important is that our company provides high-quality custom stickers. So pass by never miss, opportunity in front of your eyes

Size: 1.6"

Style: die cut stickers
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