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There is a wide range of things you should be thinking about when you are budgeting for your mobile app that is instrumental for sustainable, long-term success. This post will break down the costs associated with app development that you should not be overlooking.

When a mobile app fails, it is typically because mistakes are made in the market strategy behind the app. Sometimes failure can be attributed to a lack of product definition or market viability, a lack of a clear business objectives, monetization, or marketing strategy, or simply because there isn’t a strong product release plan set in place.

Marketing is an essential part of driving user acquisition and mobile app growth. The app market is highly competitive, and like any other product or service, your mobile app will need promotion for it to experience any degree of success. All too often, the marketing function is left as an afterthought. Think of your marketing involvement as an important part of the product lifecycle, not just a promotional tactic.

Running an awareness campaign before your product launch should be a part of your marketing strategy. Marketing is an ongoing process that should start well before the launch of your app and continue far past the original release date.

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