Jasper and natty
Location: (Washington ) Vancouver
Condition: New
Price $ 500.00
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Negotiable: Yes
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Ohh! My dear sorry. We had relocated to Los Angeles California where we got a new job and presently working. But since distance is the problem here, i will have the monkey transported over to your home location today using the pets delivery agency here in LA who will have her put on flight and safely flown over to your home location and van delivered right to your door steps in just about 3-4 hours time okay. But there's a small flight ticket cost and also the change of ownership paper and adoption paperwork fee making a total of $840 for the two. Our 1st priority is to ensure that Baby Prince and princess are going to a lovely home that will care for her with lots of love and kindness.

All i will be needing for the flight reservation of the monkeys are your full names and home delivery address. That is your full name, state, city, house address, postal code and the closest airport to your home.
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