Cat Footprint Custom Pins Cheap
Location: (California ) West Covina
Condition: Used
Price $ 1.00
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The Cat Footprint Custom Pins Cheap is made of soft black and pink enamel with silver finish. The cat prints on the outside are black soft enamel, and the cat prints on the inside are pink soft enamel. Special features include sequins on custom pins to make lapel pins more beautiful and bright. Soft enamel pins are inexpensive and can be used as a holiday and gift pins for children and young adults to wear on holidays or rest days. Parents can buy customized enamel pins as gifts to reward their children for outstanding performance. We have rich experience and can customize all kinds of pins. If you are interested in How to Make Enamel Pins, welcome to EnamelPins.com ordering the pins you want.

Custom Pins Size: 1.1"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Soft enamel pins

Finish: Black finish

Attachments: Rubber cap

Packaging: Individual Polybag
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