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Street Jam Season is now upon us. Street Jam is a special and amazing competition in the street. A group of young people join together and start their show time. They use their bike or scooter to go downstairs or slide along armrest. But you should notice that it is dangerous and you cannot try it without specialized guidance. Because they must practice for a long time. Young people use their special ways to show their love about life, which is attractive.

As we can see, Street Jam Race Medals are plated by silver, which belongs to hard enamel medals. Street Jam Race Medals are rectangle, writing " Street Jam". It is 3 inch and 4mm. At the first sight, it is delicate. Street Jam Race Medals are usually used in the street competition, awarding those excellent performer. The left part is colored by black and the right part is colored by red. In addition, the letter " J " adopts art font, looking like a "golf club". In this way, Street Jam Custom Race Medals will more conspicuous. Each of Street Jam Race Medals will be carefully polybagged and fast delivery. CUSTOM RACE MEDALS NO MINIMUM! GS-JJ has a good reputation in making CUSTOM MEDALS. Types of cheap RACE MEDALS will be available. Welcome to order!

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