Single Bay HDD Docking Station

Single Bay HDD Docking Station

Date of creation: 13/01/17
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Seller product description

Let me tell you there are more reasons to get a SATA drive docking station than you might imagine. Not only is it great for transferring your data from an old hard drive but then you can turn that hard drive into a back up storage for all your important photos, documents, videos and anything else you want.using SATA Drive Docking StationI first used this to transfer my old hard drive materials to my new computer. Our old back up systems didn’t work with the new hard drives and this does. It’s also very fast, I transferred about a million photos and videos of my son in under an hour.It’s very easy to use just plug it in and push the power button and the light turns blue when it is on. I could not hear my hard drive doing anything which was strange, but probably just another technological advancement I didn’t notice.