Flutter Online Training Course

Flutter Online Training Course

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Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for creating mobile applications for iOS and Android. With Flutter you need to write your code once and that can run on iOS and Android. Flutter provides a fast development of application with great UI and a good native performance. With Flutter you can also build your app and share them with real time users by publishing it on Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Language used for application development in Flutter is Dart. Dart is a very easy to learn language and it provides all the essential things for creating Application for mobile. Flutter comes with its SDK which can be integrated on a wide variety of IDE’s. The training will start by covering basic concepts of Dart Language and then will gradually move to the advance topics and application development. During the training, Students will build their applications and publish them on Play Store or App Store. 90% emphasis will be given on Practical knowledge and 10% will be on Theory. With Flutter, you just need to Build your app once and deploy on iOS and Android. Book Free Demo