Phone A Mommy
Location: (Michigan ) Ann Arbor
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Phone A Mommy opened in 2005, and we are known both domestically and internationally as the original age regression infantilism ABDL mommy site. We are a mommy-owned company, and we specialize in a plethora of expertise in the ABDL community. Phone A Mommy is where you come to when you want to role-play sexual fetishes or age regress back to a state of an infant or a toddler.

Our experienced mommies will nourish your diaper fetishism, which is your passion for wearing diapers. We will handle you in a way that only our mommies know how to. ABDLs wear diapers for comfort, age regression, and soil them. Whether you need a mommy to curb your naughty behavior through a series of disciplinary practices such as time-out, spankings, scolding, or orgasm denial, we will satisfy your need. BDSM is also a part of the ABDL community, and we provide dominant mommies - also known as mistresses.

It is essential to understand that infantilism is not pedophilia. ABDLs want adults as sexual partners - not children. Others in the infantilist community enjoy being sissy babies. Sissy babies are men who enjoy applying female pronouns and wearing feminine clothing. In the ABDL society, DLs wear diapers because it gives them comfort, and they enjoy how diapers feel and the crinkly sound they make, but not all desire to act like infants.
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