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Participate in our onsite project SWAN and get up to $500!

Participate in 8 meetings and complete some simple tasks with your smartphone. Think about making calls, sending texts, etc.

This is aimed at native speakers of English (AU).

During each meeting, we will give you instructions to be prepared for the next one.

In our offices in Redmond(WA). We are located at 14980 NE 31st Way Suite 100 Redmond, WA 98052

Choose a date to come to our offices for the first session.

How long?
There are a total of 8 sessions, two per week. The whole project takes around 6 weeks to complete.

How much?
$500 for the whole project if you can complete it in 6 weeks. If it takes longer, the rate is $450.

What do I need?
- Must be 18+.
- Must be based in or around the Redmond area.
- Must have an iPhone with iOS 15 or later.
- Must answer a survey prior to applying.

Where do I sign up?
Kindly go to the OneForma website, look for Project SWAN, and answer the survey to join!

Fill out the referral form at the website if you know someone who is perfect for our SWAN Project!
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