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The steps you take to prepare for your app launch may have the greatest effect on its ultimate success, and getting your marketing department involved early in the process is vital.

Mobile app marketing budget depends on the market you want to enter and your target audience. Your app can be serving as an extension of your brand identity, or it could be an m-commerce app, selling goods. The goals for each type of app are different, so the price of marketing will vary.

Any discussion about the cost of developing an app needs to include marketing. Driving downloads, user acquisition, and user retention require a considerable marketing budget. Once you establish what your goals are, you need to ensure that you have a marketing budget that will help you follow through and achieve them.
2. Team & Cross-Department Involvement
There are many people involved in the app development process. Much like there is diversity in the technical components needed for an app to function, there is a need for involvement across internal teams for the app to be successful. Development is only one part of the larger picture.

“There’s Design, UI/UX, QA that are validating the application, there are Project Managers and Architects, so it takes a village to build a great mobile app. It’s not just a couple of people working in silos.

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