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It was a hot Thursday, I and my partner went to a furniture retail store to purchase some tables and chairs for our new office. We took 7 tables and 10 chairs. It was a smooth, nice and good shopping experience until we reached to the billing counter.
When the billing operator scan the furniture items, the software was throwing a legitimate message “Out of Stock – Chairs, Please check with your store manager.” The billing operator doesn’t even have patience to read the message and kept pressing different keys and tried scanning chairs again and again. He yelled highly “Software problem and not able to bill”. Few minutes later, chief billing operator came and after seeing the error he told us that products are out of stock and they cannot bill. We asked him, how come chairs are arranged in the store but software says “No stock”. He was clueless and finally said to us.
To be precise, any retail store should be aware of the products and of its availability at any point of time. The stocks are assets of the retail store. Best way to track and manage inventory is to have good POS software installed at your retail store.
Retail POS system helps you to minimize cost and maximize sales and profits. The POS application plays a vital role for managing inventory.
Choose Ordorite POS Software solution for your retail store.
Schedule live demo from here to understand how Ordorite POS solution can help you out for your inventory planning: Contact me
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