Vani-T Mineral Powder - Peach Sorbe
Location: Melbourne
Condition: New
Price A$ 40.95
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Negotiable: No
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A satin-like formula containing mica and Olive Squalene, Vani-T Mineral Blush floats over the skin to add life and natural highlights to the skin. Presented in a stunning faux diamond jar and a stunning selection of colour, you will find a blush for every occasion.


The extra luminous colours in the Mineral Blush range such as Desert and Tibetan Ochre look beautiful as eyeshadows or can be dusted over any Mineral Colour Stick on the cheeks to add extra luminosity or a hint of colour.

Try mixing different shades with Bare Lip Glaze for exciting, glossy lip colours.


Mica Adds luminosity to the skin
Zinc Oxide Natural, lightweight SPF
Squalene Promotes cell regeneration and oxygenation
Diamond Lidded Jar Unique packaging
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