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Online Germaphobia Treatment Sydney-Garry suffers from germaphobia accompanied by fear of illness. Its so bad that I wash my hands constantly, avoid touching things when Im out in public, and carry sanitiser around in my pocket.Plus, I dont go out to restaurants anymore, because I fear the people who made the food arent careful with hygiene and contaminate my food with some kind of bacteria.This all came about this past April when I was very ill with a really bad stomach virus. It ended up being a very traumatic event for me, to say in the least and I havent been able to move on.Ive tried everything I could afford holistic medicine, acupuncture, meditation, etc. Garry is tired of living with this constant fear.

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Address:166 Pacific Hwy

Post Code:2060

City: Doohan Ave

State > North Sydney, NSW

Country: Australia
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