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The questions they ought, to ask severally are what exactly is to add a company director that is what functions expected to be fulfilled by this position.  The specifications that determine the eligibility of one for a company director are familiarity with the principles of management both in the private and public sectors, recognition of the non-adversary the director in updating his knowledge, understanding basic statutory liabilities for acts of others, and improving his ability to contribute to company purposes at the board. There is not a company in the world that could do with improvements in its workforce or on its board. This could lead to some inadequacies, but if the business is largely successful, there seems no need to panic and call in the consultants. Then, things take a turn for the worse, economic decline, customers are lost, employees depart, the situation is no longer the same and survival is now the business's main focus, and the right steps must be taken.

Once you register a company, it can operate in any Australian state or territory. Company registration is a national registration. You still need to choose the state or territory the company is 'taken to be registered in'. Most companies choose the state or territory in which they will operate their company.

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