Deer Pin

Deer Pin

Datum: 08/07/19
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Plats: Älvsborg

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Everyone has their favorite animals, some people like the naive panda, some people like the clever clever monkey, and some people like the live fish, but I like Christmas elk. Because the arrival of the Christmas elk will bring me a lot of unexpected surprises. So I also like to collect Deer Pin. Check out those Custom Enamel Pins! Do you like it? There is one thing you find common in the design of these pins is that they only use the head of a deer. But deer come in all shapes, from angry, screaming deer, to charming deer with garlands, to serious deer. These Animal Pins are made of soft enamel, but with a different electroplating process. There a variety of plating options: gold, dye black and rose gold finish. Each Enamel Pins is filled with a beautiful color that matches the state of the deer. We have a lot of different process options that we can see and learn about on our website. If you would like to make your own pins, or if you would like to buy one we already have, please visit our website and contact us. Size:1''/1.25''/1.5''/1.75''/2'' Thickness: 1.2mm Style:Soft Enamel Pins Finish: Dye black, rose gold and gold finish. Attachments:Butterfly clutch Packaging: Individual Polybag